Portland's Preferred Skate Routes Put to the Test
Photos and story by Nancy Hartman

Superbowl Sunday eight skaters met at Omsi and tested out the preferred routes through downtown Portland.  The weather was perfect and the traffic was light.

We skated over the Hawthorne Bridge down 2nd street to couch then back up 3rd, zig-zagging our way back and forth across the city.  The route wasn't bad except for a lot of construction.  Steel road plates seemed to be everywhere, but they were smooth!

It was a great feeling to be gliding along downtown with the tall buildings looking down on us.  We did take note the route does cruise us right by Starbucks!

KPTV caught up with us on Taylor and 13th, so we skated with smiles for the 10:00pm News as one of the days top stories!

012801group.jpg (13974 bytes)
John, Nancy, Penny, Michelle,
Keith and Jerry, Naomi behind the camera,
at OMSI before the skate.

downtownskate.jpg (16580 bytes)
Skating down 2nd street downtown

keithbyniketown.jpg (19697 bytes)
Keith does Nike Town
"Ahhhhh my street"

nancyandmichelle.jpg (16576 bytes)
Nancy pries street debris from her skate , "What is that?"  asks Michelle

pennysign.jpg (17007 bytes)
Penny shows off design for new skater symbol to be posted on preferred routes

keithandmichelle.jpg (14178 bytes)
Michelle and Keith take a break at the Multnomah County Courthouse
"I'm bad, I know I'm bad"

waitingatlight.jpg (14977 bytes)
Penny, Michelle, Zdenka,Keith and Jerry

pennykptv.jpg (15946 bytes)
Penny interviews with Scott from KPTV who followed us through downtown catching footage for the 10:00 news

scottkptv.jpg (25799 bytes)
Scott from KPTV
("Hurry and take the picture, I'm going to miss the Superbowl!")

group.jpg (22043 bytes)
Zdenka, Jerry, Keith, Naomi and