Coliseum Skate Night February 12th

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Photo by Keith Hart

"It was so much fun to gather for skating and visiting friends that I hadn’t seen since early last fall. It almost felt like a family reunion. And the skating! Well, one would be hard-pressed to find a better surface to skate on. The Coliseum provides just such a floor, and the music selection was terrific! I can’t wait until our next skate. Rock and ROLL on!"

Teddie Matteson

"Wow, this is so great to have it back! Thanks Penny, Nancy and Kim for all your hard work to get this going. Let's spread the word. Owww, I was sore, but a good sore, like every time I feel the pain, I remember the fun. And no, not from falling, just from using muscles that had gotten lazy. (Not that there's anything wrong with falling, that's a part of the sport, to be expected. But with all that protective gear, it would be like landing on pillows)"

Maria Sworske

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(left to right) Mark Ginsberg
Photo by Keith Hart

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Nancy Hartman
Photo by Keith Hart


"That was the smoothest surface I have ever skated on. It was a blast!"

Ellen Thomas

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(Left to right facing)Bryn Stephens, Lee ,
Jerry Simone
Photo Keith Hart


"What an absolute kick in the pants! That was so much fun. I am really
looking forward to the next one!"

John McDaid

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Mark Ginsberg, John McDaid and Lugi Schiavo
Photo by Nancy Hartman

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(left to right) David Murray, Jim Hoyt, Jerry Simone

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Maria Sworske
Photo by Kjell Rode

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Photo by Kjell Rode

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Michelle Dennis Helps freinds gear up
Photo Nancy Hartman

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Channel 12 Visits
Photo Nancy Hartman

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Chuck from Seattle, lends a hand with skate patrol for the event.
Photo Nancy Hartman

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Terry Higgins
Photo Nancy Hartman

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Kerrie Kissler
Photo by Nancy Hartman
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Allen Kissler
Photo by Nancy  Hartman

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Kyliegh Jandro
Photo By Nancy Hartman

"It was wonderful to see familiar and new faces.  My heart soared with joy feeling the smooth concourse underfoot.  The grins of the crowd said it all.  Don't even think about missing the next one...these events are hard to come by!"

Kim Ensley


"Re-opening the Coliseum puts Portland in the map of "skate-friendly-places".
I wish for every Portlander to come and enjoy the smooth ride. Bravo SK84KIX!!"


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(Left to right) Mark Ginsberg
Photo By Keith Hart

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Michelle Dennis
Photo Keith Hart

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