Yes we are home, just haven't gotten to updating the website.  Montreal was great!  Penny, Kim, Kurt and I, spent
an intensive weekend learning the latest and greatest techniques, fitness information and agressive skating
to share with our students.  We arrived on Thursday before the conference and took a little time to enjoy the city with a boat tour, lunch in a quaint cafe' and
checking out the shops.
pennykimonboat.jpg (6764 bytes)
kimpennydock.jpg (11618 bytes) (penny and kim on the dock waiting for the tour boat/ Penny and kim on theboat! Where am I? behind thecamera of course..:)
lunchmontreal.jpg (9644 bytes) pennybakery.jpg (11101 bytes)
(Discovering the wonderful food in Montreal)



Montreal is quite open to inline skating, and infact is considered a mode of transportation }that shares allocated lanes with bikes!

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The National Skate Patrol hosted a Friday Nite Skate in the downtown area, and 70 instructors from all over the world had a great time seeing the sights of the city kimfriday.jpg (6046 bytes)
upper left, kim on the Taz steps after skate/right Kurt and another instructor/ below Penny and Kim)

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Saturday and Sunday were spent from early morning
till, early morning in clinics, seminars and a Disco skate dance party that started at 11:30pm Saturday nite.  Needless to say we were kept busy the entire time!.
After the Conference, Kim and
I stayed two extra days and
enjoyed the city shopping
and sights                                
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biodome.jpg (9782 bytes) goldenelvis.jpg (11185 bytes)
montrealbldg.jpg (10768 bytes) (Cobblestone streets, that we decided not to try skating, golden elvis in the marketplace /below the Biosphere
from the 1967 Worlds Fair, and one of many beautiful buildings in the city)
Kim and I went for a City skate on Tuesday
prior to leaving for home, we skated across
the St Laurence River and over near the
Montreal Indy track where Slyvester Stalone
was filming his new movie Driven.
But we couldn't convince Norman
the security guard to let us skate in
kimnancybridge.jpg (8472 bytes)norman.jpg (9813 bytes)
driven.jpg (12811 bytes)