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Presented by RollerbladeŽ
August 12, 2001

Local speed skaters Ignacio Gonzalez, Teddie Matteson, Sherrell Steinhauer skated along with recreational skaters Jim Hoyt, Jessica Sund, Abigail Lambert and me. I'm sure there were others too. We all had fun. It was a beautiful day, sunny and pleasant temperatures.
Jim and I arrived Friday evening and met the WILSA skate group and a few people from Canada at Alki Beach. It was a very nice evening of skating.

Lunch on Saturday was at Pikes Market. We then went to Green Lake and met Jessica, Abigail and Mauro. It was an abnormally warm weekend for Seattle and the crowds were large which made for more entertainment.
Lots of skaters, bikers, walkers, swimmers, basketball players and plenty of BBQs too. Four of us had dinner at Cedars Mediterranean Restaurant at 50th and Brooklyn. They have very good food at reasonable prices. It's becoming one of our regular stops.

Of course 6:00 am came way too early on Sunday, however we crawled out of the hotel and found our way to Redmond to start the Skate. Everyone did very well and I want to congratulate Abigail and Jessica for completing the Skate in just a little over Two and a half hours on their first time skating in this kind of event. It was twenty five miles and I don't think any of the recreational skaters listed above did any training. We all talked to many people from many places. That always makes it interesting, there always seems to be a good group from Canada
Come join us next year.
Jerry S.

20010813 MS skate Maurosm.jpg (13299 bytes)Mauro Costa from Seattle, he skated on Quads with inline skate wheels instead of roller skate wheels.

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