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Good Day Oregon's Fabulous Adventure Reporter, Kjell Rode, named Citizen Of The Year for the town of Sandy Oregon led his adventure team, which included some PISA members in the Sandy Mountain Days Parade.

Some of you might remember Kjell, as the inline skater that brought his Adventure Team to tape footage of the Coliseum Skates for two shows that aired last fall.

This time Kjell put together a blend of adventurers from his past shows for an entry in the Sandy Mountain Days Parade.   PISA members Maria Sworske, Jerry Simone, Charlie Bottita , Penny Wagoner, Andrew Kent and Andrew's girlfriend , joined the evening parade as part of the adventure team. 

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Kjell's adventure team, at the start of the parade route

          It seems every small town in Oregon has it’s festival.  Cornilius has the Blueberry Festival, Gresham has the Jazz Festival, and Portland has a Festival of some sort every other week.  The biggest Festival in Clackamas County, drawing 50 to 60 thousand people every year, is Sandy Mountain Days.  Over almost thirty years, this celebration has spread to include the entire town.  There are events, “official” and unofficial, for everyone.  

            There is a pet show, and a children’s parade where the kids dress up and decorate their bikes.  There is a 10k running race and a Volkssport walk. The Chamber of Commerce puts on a Wine Faire and Feast with a Junior Talent Competition, ($1000 first prize!) and live music, (headliners: The McKenzie River Band).   Every bar in town has a live band.  Bikers are welcome at the Gateway where a small sign directs “Harleys in front, all others park out back”!

            The festivities really get going with the Mountain Festival Parade on Thursday evening.  We start with the International Bed Racing Championship at seven o’clock.  The parade begins right after.  This is the classic small town parade.  We kind of take turns, half the town show up to watch, the other half participates.  Dan Stevens leads off as the Mountain Man, followed by the Five Generation Queens Court and their escorts of the Royal Order of the Bear.  This year The Good Day Oregon Adventure Team will join the parade with Sandy’s Citizen of the Year (which I am) riding in the Mercury Mountaineer S.A.V. (Sport Adventure Vehicle) surrounded by as many Adventure Teamers as I can get together. 

The center of this citywide party is held in Meining Park.  Here, close to a hundred carefully juried artists and crafts people display and pedal their wares.  They bring an eclectic assortment of everything from puppets to pottery to stained glass, hand made clothing, hand painted saws, hand painted faces, wooden toys, jewelry, original hats original watercolors and more. 

The performing arts are also well represented on two stages of non-stop music, dance and magic.  Music acts range from Big Bands to Ommpah to Country, to World Music.  Dancers are both professional, and up and coming students from Anna Geyer’s School of Dance.

My favorite part of the Festival is the food.  Not because anyone could possibly sample all of the barbecue, the burgers and dogs, the stir fry, the raspberry and strawberry shortcake, the elephant ears (this year I swear I will eat one of these), the hand dipped chocolaty ice cream bars, the fresh baked pies and on and on.  I like the food booths because a different non-profit, service group runs each one.  This weekend provides a big chunk of the annual funding for groups and clubs: Scouts, band, choir, swim club, seniors, 4 H volunteers, feed the hungry masses.

            But the fun is not limited to the park.  Right in the middle of town is the Carnival.  Rides and games and cotton candy; this is where you will you will find Yours Truly most of the weekend, yelling myself hoarse, “Step right up, pop a balloon and win the lady a prize!  You sir, you look to have a good eye, I’ll bet you can pop a balloon!”


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Penny, Andrew and his girlfriend, and Charlie skating along the parade route




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Veteren Parade skater Jerry Simone

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Kjell sitting pretty atop the Mercury Mountaineer S.A.V.

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Kjell showing off his ride

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PISA Skaters mingle with other Adventure members along the route

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Penny waving to the crowd