Columbia Gorge
Speed and Fitness
Story and Photos by Teddie Mattson

January 2001, (left to right) Luc, John, Teddie and J.F. pause for a photo on the Columbia River Bike Path at the 42nd Street boat launch.gorge2.jpg (15818 bytes)

Once in a while we have a cold but clear day in January, when we can pull on our skates and test our resistance to the strong winds of the Columbia Gorge. With any luck, the wind will be in our face as we head eastward, enabling us to get a
good workout in the beginning. Then, when we turn around and head west, the wind literally blows us back to our cars.







January 2001, (left to right) John, Luc and J.F. take a breather on the Columbia
River Bike Path at the I-205 bridge.
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