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2004 Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade

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Skating The Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade is a fun event.  The streets are closed off and we have a police escort through the city. It is a great opportunity to show people how fun, healthy and useful inline skating is. 

The parade itself is awesome, all floats are completely covered in flowers or other natural materials, such as seeds, rice, and greenery.  Over a half million viewers stretch over a 4.3 mile parade route.

This is Oregon's largest spectator day event, with marching bands including the One More Time Around Marching Band, the largest and permanent marching band.  The horses fill the streets, adorned with bright colors.  Culture is a highlight of the parade, as participants from around the world join in the festivities.

Captivating generations since 1907, this internationally distinguished parade has been recognized by the International Festival & Events Association and USA Today as one of the top five parades in the nation.

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