Freestyle Dance Accredation

The weekend of February 2, was filled with outside edges, sore ankles,   stiff joints and big smiles after Freestyle Dance Accreditation in Seattle Washington.

Kim Ensley, Nancy Hartman, Kurt Lessor and Penny Wagoner joined IISA instructors form the Pacific Northwest and Vancouver BC to learn from one of New York's finest Freestyle Street Skate dancers and IISA instructor/Examiner, Steve Kay.

Although we left with a little "discomfort" we were energized and excited to return with encouragement for our students and a new dimension in instruction, adding spice and  new dynamic and "rhythmic" components to our teaching and skating. 

kimwheelssm.jpg (11393 bytes)
"Not sure about these"Kim changes to the Explorer Entertainer Dance wheels, pretty small compared to street wheels.




stevecrazysm.jpg (8094 bytes)

Steve Kay Instructor, Performer and IISA Examiner from New York

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kurtsm.jpg (14046 bytes)
Kurt taking a break


tapdance1sm.jpg (15827 bytes)

Right to left: Kim, Lorne, Steve and Mark performing the "Tap Dance Kid"

tapdancekidsm.jpg (15235 bytes)

Hooked up "Tap Dance Kid"

pennylornesm.jpg (11492 bytes)
Penny and Lorne at Breakfast

nancymarkpairssm.jpg (20647 bytes)
Nancy and Mark practice at Pairs skating