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flutterbybugsback.jpg (5819 bytes)

lowflying.jpg (18325 bytes)

Skating the Microsoft Campus Redmond Washington are Seattle skaters, (back left), Rob, John, (front) Gen, Audrey, (back right) Portland skater Kim, Sue and Rosco from Seattle.

purple.jpg (11239 bytes)

A good time nor a skating paycheck not to be missed, Kim Bria and Nancy Hartman packed for a day trip to Seattle to join the Microsoft Butterfly promotion for a second year.

Slipping on the purple velvet lycra body suits and colorful wings is a humbling yet exhilarating experience.  This year our job was to help in promotion of the MSN Peak Performance Sweepstakes and DSL product launch on October 25, 2001.

Garbed with special label granola bars and bottled water, we put in promotional appearance at Staples and Radio Shack in Seattle Suburbs.   Handing out the free gifts and putting smiles on the faces of shoppers and motorists as we "flew" by.

We also visited the MSN Campus and swarmed through one of the main buildings, passing out the gifts and smiles to Microsoft employees.

audreyflyby.jpg (9995 bytes)kimaudrey.jpg (11290 bytes)

Audrey flies by,  joined by Kim on a pass through the MSN Campus parking lot

bflyintransit.jpg (10919 bytes)

In Transit, butterflies are stuffed into cars, wing to wing as we move to each of our destinations.

bflystand.jpg (15163 bytes)

Standing at the MSN Campus planning out the Migration are from left to right, Rob, Gen, John, Sue, Audrey, Kim and Rosco

bflysun.jpg (10290 bytes)

Wings filtering the breaking sun through butterflies Sue, Kim and Audrey

bflyswarm.jpg (11744 bytes)Swarming, with our fearless leader Rob in front

gen.jpg (16248 bytes)
Gen dances through the campus parking lot as the rain breaks and the sun spotlights her style.

grpflag.jpg (16436 bytes)

Radioshack takes in bugs, (front to back, left to right) Rob, Nancy Sue, Rosco, John Gen, Kim and Audrey holding the Flag.

kimbow.jpg (15231 bytes) nancybox.jpg (12189 bytes)

Kim and Nancy skate along the Promenade at Staples handing out granola bars

nancybflywingssunsm.jpg (14146 bytes) suesun.jpg (10516 bytes)

Nancy (left) and Sue (right) filter the bright sun throughout their wings


noblading.jpg (17823 bytes)

Good thing Butterflies can't read, as Kim and Nancy stand beneath the No Rollerblading sign


sueb.jpg (14828 bytes)

Sue takes a break outside of Staples

  roscosmile.jpg (13972 bytes) roscodance.jpg (13619 bytes)

Rosco, skating the promenade as the debonair butterfly

  rob.jpg (9646 bytes)  robsplat.jpg (10149 bytes)

Our fearless leader Rob, demonstrates how to play "butterfly"
in case we find ourselves in a potentially dangerous situation