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*Update, Michael Sandler was recently injured while out skating,  he broke his arm and leg while trying to avoid a collision with a toddler on the pathway.

Unfortunately Blade Across America will be postponed until he has healed up.




What would you do, if you knew you couldn't fail?

Would you climb a mountain? Learn how to fly? Start that business you’ve always dreamed of? Or go back to school? Would you ask out your fantasy date? Or try to make it big in Hollywood?

Beginning August 6th, Michael Sandler will be skating across the country from L.A. to NYC
on a world record attempt of 4000 miles in 40 days to bring the message of hope and inspiration to ADDers everywhere.

There are great sponsors on-board such as Rollerblade, Smartwheels and Phoenix Inline, along with the Electric Auto Association, CalCars, and many more. We're trying to help

ADDers while promoting inline skating and making it green.

You can find a wealth of information on the journey at the website, Blade Across America, read Michael's journals, track his progress and please donate either your time or money to helping spread the message of hope and success for those with ADD.