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Old Friend Paul from Portland



What a welcome home, the plane touched down on June 1st to the very sun we left behind in southern California, an overgrown lawn and two very happy family pets.

May 25th we left Portland for LAX, arriving early evening at our hotel in Santa Monica.  I called Gen (from Seattle) who had already been down there since earlier in the week with Roscoe, Moe, Woody, Linda and Attila.  Saturday night was the big night for the International Roller-skating Party set for San Bernardino some 75 miles away. 

I drove to Buena Park and met up with the Seattle crew, then off to San Bernardino for skating till 3am with my close friend, “Red Bull”.  It was great fun; clubs from Detroit, San Francisco and San Diego were the major contributors to the skaters packed into the rink.  I also found Loren and Mike from Seattle now bringing our total to around 10, give or take a few, it was late.

 Watching and skating with the variety of talent was awesome and inspiring.  I will say that I do believe some of the best skaters performing that night were from the Pacific Northwest, Moe and Woody.  Great job and always a pleasure to skate with you. 

I left the party about 2am for my solo trek back to Santa Monica along pretty clear LA freeways, slipped into bed around 3:30AM and was awoken at 6AM by my 6 year old son and Rug Rats.  

After dozing hopelessly until 10:30am, another Red Bull and breakfast, my family packed up for the day at the beach and spent a good hour looking for parking along Venice.   

They headed for the beach; I slid back into my skates, enjoying the winding path, sun and sand of Venice.  I found the skate dance pad, Moe, Loren and Joe, and our old friend Paul. 

The rest of the Seattle group arrived later in the day. Skaters from the previous night’s party also filtered in, and filled the dance area for another great round of skate dancing, this time in the warm California sun. 

It was a great way to spend a Memorial Day weekend!

After a brief 4 day detour to the southern California attractions with my family, I returned to Santa Monica and met up with Paul again for the Santa Monica Friday Night Skate.

I wish they all could be California days!!!

Nancy Hartman WebMaster


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More photos Venice Beach


Skate Dancers on Venice Beach

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Roscoe and Gen from Seattle

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Moe, dancing

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