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Skate Jammin in Seattle at the Car Free Fremont
event are Genny Harmon and Andre' Walker, drop
kicking in the skate dance circle

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I had a great trip to Seattle the weekend of the 14th, my daughter and I drove up and stayed with Audrey in Kent.  It was a beautiful weekend, and I had the opportunity to join in Trish Alexanders skate classes in Bellevue on Saturday AM, a roller fitness class which was loads of fun, and then followed by a skills class and coffee at Starbucks.  Saturday afternoon was the Experience Music Project with my daughter and then I skated Green Lake and Alki Beach with Chuck from the Seattle Skate Patrol. 

The Statue of Liberty replica had become a memorial site for the Seattle area, candles lined the sea wall and flowers and notes were laid out at the foot of the statue,  it was a touching site.


Saturday Evening along Green Lake in Seattle, below
left, Chuck glides by, below right,  Nancy enjoys the Sunset along the lake.

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Memorial site at Alki Beach, Seattle

Up early on Sunday we arrived in Fremont to start setting up for a day of "Car Free" activities,  I met a lot of terrific skate Dancers and skaters from the Seattle area.  Maria and Jerry drove up Sunday morning to join in the activities.  I think I enjoyed the opportunity to see other skate dancers and their moves.  Below is Woody, he does break dancing on skates and believe me does a great job!

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Andre' Walker had some terrific dance moves

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Jason had a terrific style and a great ponytail!

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This is the, "Man, the DJ is boring" shot, as quoted by Rosco the DJ

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I have a thing about photographing photographers, so I hope he finds this here!

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Lorne Anderson of Seattle taught us a new dance, (Photo right left to right), Maria, Sylvia, unknown skater, Yaga and Lorne Photo Right, Sylvia learning
'around the world'

roscogl.JPG (15510 bytes) rosco1gl.JPG (14702 bytes)

Photo left, Rosco hosted the skate dancers as DJ, playing some funky tunes for everyone, he even let me slip a CD in against his better judgement.

Photo Right, Rosco again, back is Genny and another skater.

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Photo left,Not everyone was into skate dancing, this youngster was solid as a rock with his aggressive tricks Photo Right, Maria cruising in the skate lane

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Seattle Skate Patrol coordinator Steve Metzler grooves around the dance circle

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Exhibits   by a local bike artist or maybe an innovate transportation engineer