Frenchman's Bar August 14, 2003

Inline Skating in Washington, Frenchman's Bar is a beautiful place along the river with pathways rolling through farmland.

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The Sunset was vibrant

The scenery was unique

A horse and rider roams the grassy field while a ship maneuvers to make way in the Columbia

Setting up for the picnic Jerry made some terrific marinated teriyaki chicken

Jerry is prepared, as the mosquitoes eat before us, he lights a citronella candle.

Michelle, Jerry and Trevor talk over the smoking BBQ waiting for the fantastic Chicken

Snacking, with Jessica, Georg and Jerry.
 Check out that sky!

Dennis came along with Jessica to enjoy the company and good food.


Pathway along Frenchman's Bar

Heading out along the path that rolls and rambles through farm land.

Maria, Ken and Tabitha crossing the road

Skating to one end the group pauses for a break before heading back left to right, Trevor, Jerry, Maria, Tabitha, Michelle, Jessica, Ken, Nancy and Roz, Georg behind the Camera

Smilin' for Georg as I skate by, Tabitha and Michelle following along

Here we come!


Georg is a real "swingin'" guy