2003 Grand Floral Parade

Left to Right Top-Jerry, Alan, Mike, Michelle, Gary
Bottom- Shelby, Maria, Noah, Nancy, Charles

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Waiting at the Bureau of Maintenance coffee and donuts!

Skaters crossing the Burnside Bridge early in the morning

It was a beautiful day for the Parade and a great bunch to skate with. I ended up skating the route three times - first was to distribute the SOLV bags, second to skate the route back to the Bureau of Maintenance, and then after deciding to help pick up bags, I skated again at the end of the parade with one other inline skater.

Alan Smith


Thanks for organizing the Parade effort.

I enjoyed it as usual and can only say that my motto this year was 'let it come to me' as in let the people flag me or ask for a garbage bag. And you know, I had plenty of customers! The people were so nice and a number of them thanked us for what we were doing. That feels good to hear once in a while!


Skating the Grand Floral Parade was a hoot, I'm already looking forward to next year!




Lynn with an armload and a smile!

Gary on his way back for more bags

Michelle sharing her unique style

Our youngest skater Shelby was a great help!

Hockey Mike D, rolling along the parade route


I had a great time skating in the Pre-Parade for the third straight year. It was see all of the PISA skaters again.  It's amazing to see how happy people are to get a free plastic trash bag.  Imagine if we were handing out something really valuable!  Anyway, it is really fun to have the whole street to skate on and not have to dodge cars and trucks.  Maybe we should carry a banner ahead of the group so we look like were are actually part of the parade.


Charles Kidwell



Skating back through the parade route are
(Left to right) Michelle, Gary, Lynn, Alan, Mike, Noah and me, Nancy behind the camera

Catching the group from behind


Alan, Gary, Noah and Mike

Sworn in along the Parade route, Noah, Gary and Lynn and I, accept the duties as a Junior Police Officer