2006 Grand Floral Parade Volunteers (left to right), Charles, Wade, Lynn, Mike, Christopher, Noah, Jed (Front) Maria, Christina, Nancy behind camera.




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Wade caught skitching again this year, he just can't stay out of trouble!  The Officer snags a huge grin as I snap the photo, thinking he is the subject of the shot. 



Skates on their way back through the crowd, trying to make it back before the parade starts.  Did we? NO.  We made it to the top of the Burnside bridge and were stopped.  We had to skate to the Broadway bridge, climb what must have been 7000 flights of stairs to the top.


Photos From The Past

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Mike skates on as Wade returns for more bags, check out the growing crowd in the back ground.


Jed, our only quad skater this year


A family camps out along the parade route, complete with bunk beds, and Patio fire place.


Mike, Charles, Noah and Christopher


Lynn, skates while other volunteers walk along.


Christopher gearing up at the maintenance bureau




2006 Grand Floral Parade

Christopher dares the meridian between lanes at the Coliseum before the parade starts.

Who is this man?

Could it be?

YES! After years of sleuthing Wade
discovers the true identity of Larry the Light bulb


Jed and Christina

Maria crossing the Burnside bridge


Noah with a handful of bags, skates past a parade watcher as he casually reads the morning news.