Well I did it, Mike talked me into trying out the hockey thing over  Labor day weekend.  A busy day Saturday but I was able to sneak in late and try my hand, feet, skates and big gloves out with a hockey stick and a few really patient and helpful skaters.  Chet and John also showed up from the PISA skating group, but I am convinced they knew what they were doing.  I on the other hand I was ceremoniously outfitted with an array of padding from the deep dark depths of Mikes Hockey bag.  Thank you Mike for your gracious hospitality and the loan of your well loved gear.

Totally decked out in storm trooper attire I rolled onto the pavement with  a long stick stuck in the palm of my gloves. " I remember vaguely how to hold a stick",  I boast to Mike, as I settle into a golf stance and realize this isn't right.  He  realigns me and sends me out to join the white team.

It was really fun, so much so that I returned again on Labor day with my husband Matt, and son Christopher to give it another go.  This time playing  with the hardcore group of regulars.  

On Monday I overheard the group talking, an unprecedented number of 18 plus skaters came out to play hockey and the pavement was teaming with storm troopers chasing the elusive puck.  Some very talented players I might add, and all very kind and patient with me and Matt as we tried to keep up, broke a few rules and even stole the puck a few times!   I swear there was a large hole in the end of my hockey stick!!  

All and all, I had a great time, and suggest if you haven't tried hockey yet, give it a go.  I felt welcomed, tolerated and encouraged by the regulars.  Thank you to each and every one of you for taking us in.



Peter with the Puck Josh closing in.


Peter and Eric joust for the puck

Josh, Clif, Mike D, Matt

Mike D, Ted, Matt, Bob, Ivan, Sara, zooming in on the puck.

Ivan, Ted, Josh, Matt, watch as the puck rolls out of bounds.


 (Back row)- Mike D, Ivan, Clif, unknown skater, Ted, Josh, Bob ( Front row)- Jim, Mike V, Dave, Traci, Dave

 Traci gearing up

Mike D, Dave, sprinting for the puck

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