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(Photo from Maria)


Getting ready to depart from Oaks Park a group of  15 skaters from Portland and Seattle.


(Photo from Georg)


Photos From Maria

Always there with a flair, MIchelle models the lastes in urban design, a sleek bright street tape boa..
nger route, which included Mt. Tabor. He said it was a lot more difficult than he remembered from last year. A skater from Houston, Texas who had flown into Portland just to participate in this event, had done the longer route with Andre more skaters, there should be some stories.


Luc, Jerry, Tom Howarrd, matt and the Yellow guy

This year's skate brought out the photographers , Georg here was quick on the shutter at every stop.  Thanks Georg for all the photos!


The group milling around before the start clock, we all got jammed in behind the bikes and were ready to go! 


The first time = the best time.

I had a blast, and I can say that 98% of the time I did enjoy and it was a lot of fun, especially uphill, on a very badly paved road, where even the bicyclist got off their bike. I had nothing to get off from, so me and Noah continued with stoicism to climb till we got to the last down hill roll, and then back to the park. The whole trip was well organized with volunteers waiting at corners and cheering up the bikers/skaters, with snacks on the side and lots of ...happy faces. I have to compliment Kim and Bryn for their hospitality and the delicious breakfast prepared

to us... MANY THANKS

Hope I See Ya next year...:-))  Hun Surfer (AKA Georg)

Howard and Jerry


Alex and Sandra joined the group this year

Photos by Nancy

Bikers along the Esplande sprinkled with skaters as we cruise up to the Steel bridge and wait for the span to come down.
(Photos by Nancy)

Bryn had a friend, Gary join on his bike, maria glowing up front with the green skates.

Andrew, set with a minors light and camel back at a rest stop under the Ross Island Bridge.

A rest break at the Salmon Street Fountain

Ice Cream at the Fountain

Coming up on the Hawthorn Bridge, along the pathway just past Omsi.

Tom from Seattle paces along side a bicyclist down the springwater trail

Luc, Andrew and Trevor, taking a break along the way

Waiting on the Esplanade for the Steel Bridge to lower.

Photos From Georg

Trevor, Nancy, Abigail, Mike, Tom 
(Photos From Georg)


Andrew and Kim
(Photos from Georg)

Rest break under the Ross Island