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All skates are weather permitting and at your own risk.

If you have a skating event or destination planned you would like to post,  please email it to me

What You Need To Know
DISCLAIMER Please be advised that it is strongly recommended that all participants in  its weekly group skates should carry medical and liability insurance and should wear protective gear (including but not limited to a helmet, wrist guards, kneepads, elbow pads, and, at night, reflective clothing and blinking lights. Please also be advised that there are particular inherent risks of injury involved in city inline skating, including, but not limited to: cars, bicycles, other skaters, pedestrians, potholes, manhole covers, chains, train and trolley tracks, cobblestones, bad pavement, water, oil, debris, gravel, curbs, stairs, hills and inclines. This list of possible risks is not comprehensive, because conditions on the street, including the weather, are constantly changing. You are skating with a  group of freinds  and there is no one entity, therefore your friends cannot accept any liability for the existence of any such risks. Ultimately, each skater is responsible for staying alert to potential risks and obeying all traffic regulations. Finally, it is also strongly recommended that all participants in the group skates possess and master a set of minimum skate skills before participating in its events: the ability to skate in control, especially on hills; to stop in traffic; to maneuver curbs; and to avoid obstacles.

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