The Need for Speed 2002
Speed and fitness skater Teddie Mattson shares photos from 2002 skate season.

Fitness and speed skating activities abound. International friends are made. Here is a picture taken at the MS Skate in Seattle, August 2002, showing Portland speed skaters among their friends from Vancouver, BC.
The State Games of Oregon includes a day of racing for speed skaters. Patrick leads as Luc and Marcel give chase in the 10k race. The State Games are held in June each year.
Joining an indoor racing team gives you an opportunity to pose for spouses who love taking pictures of their loved ones in skinsuits. Teddie, Howard and Angie are members of the Standard Division with Team Oaks. Visit the team Web site at and see how fun it can be to belong to an indoor speed skate club.

Girlfriends who speed skate together travel together. A can't-miss race is the Long Beach Marathon in Southern California. Angie, Teddie and Laura are readying themselves for the start of this exciting race that takes place in the fall in Southern California.

Being a member on a speed team certainly has its upside. Part of the curriculum of an Eddy Matzger Workshop includes learning how to be a functional teammate. To find out more on Eddy's clinic, visit

Every Monday during the outdoor racing season, fitness and speed skaters come to Portland International Raceway to skate a 4k, 6k or 8k race.  For those skaters without someone to draft with, they choose to use the event as a time trial, trying to better their time each week.  

Skate Schedule

Skate Schedule 

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