I think its a great roll.  The surface is good, wide and mostly level, its totally separated from traffic (it does cross several streets, but almost all have lights and/or crosswalks).  You will see bicycles, walkers and kiddie strollers, but I've never seen it crowded, and it goes for miles and miles.  The scenery isn't awe-inspiring, but its not bad - people's/industrial backyards, utility lines, and Johnson Creek - Dave C.,  Portland
  I skated Springwater from 242nd down to about 136th.  The portion east of 174th (Jenne Rd.) is very nice.  From 174th in the trail was very rough, but skatable.  I can't say if the trail improves beyond 136th.  I assume that it is nice east of 242nd as that seems to be the newer section of the trail.  There is parking at Forest Lawn Memorial Park on Powell in Gresham.  Good skating.
Peace, Larry R., Eugene, OR
I live near the trail where it crosses Jenne road. It is a nice skate east to I believe it ends around Rugg Road. Look it up on Mapquest. I am attaching a htm map of the area discussed. I skate this area alot. Ok, before the twins came. Its about 6 miles from Jenne to Rugg. so 12 miles there and back. I park just off Jenne road on Circle ave. It is a nice skate through quiet areas and you cross some streets. Many intersections have pedestrian lights that change almost as soon as you push the walk button. Skate with a friend. There are a few shady dudes that hang out between Jenne road and Gresham park. I have never been bothered by them though. Many people use this stretch because it is very smooth and flat. One complaint would be towards the end of the trail by Rugg road. The county or who ever is maintaining the trail, used Pea gravel along the edges ( for horses or something). Well the horses kick the gravel up on the pavement and you have to be a bit creative to get around it. Other parts of the trail the edges are lined with wood shavings.
Now if Portland could smooth out the stretch from Jenne road to Milwaukie! It would be an awesome long skate.
If you don't want to park at Jenne road, you can park at Gresham park and go either way, back and forth and what ever you come up with. The park  borders the trail on the very southern end of the park.   -Charlie B.