Portland Skater, Bonita Seubert  Places 6th in 2001 Nationals!

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Bonita Seubert wins GOLD at the Oregon StateGames, July 2000



Congratulations to Regional Champions! 2001

Each year in June, Oaks Park hosts the Northwest Regional Championships comprised of skaters from Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Montana, and Oregon. Those skaters who place in the top three of their events qualify to skate the US National Roller Skating Championships.
Here are the results of the qualifiers from Team Oaks:

Standard Junior Olympic Elementary Girls Beth Hesketh,
Third Place
JO Elementary Boys Adrian Unkeles, Second Place
Veteran Men

Jeffrey Hawley,
Third Place
JO Sophomore Men Joshua Hesketh, Second Place
Veteran Women Teddie Matteson,
Third Place
JO Classic Women Bonita Seubert,
First Place
Classic 2-Man Relay Randall McBride and Derek Meade, Second Place
Classic 2-Mixed Relay Angela Officer and Randall McBride, Second Place



The 2000 PIR Skating Season was a Success! The skate race season at PIR went from May until September this year, thanks to good weather.
Check Skate Schedule for day and time

We had many new faces out this year(yeah!), skaters came from the east coast, California, and Canada. We had every age group there, from juniors to masters. We had some awesome skaters leave the area for job reasons Celynn K., Derik, we will miss them very much.

After some of the races we would have BarbeQs, or we would me at the Bridgeport to celebrate.
Hope to see you all(fitness skaters and speed skaters) out there next year.


PIRracerssm.jpg (9965 bytes)
Skaters at PIR, September 2000, starting at the lead position:Bonita Seubert, Howard Unkeles, Sherrell Steinhauer,  Celynn Krueger, Luigi Schiavo

adriannePIRsm.jpg (8449 bytes)
Adrianne at PIR

BonitaWarmsUpPIRsm.jpg (14428 bytes)
Bonita warming up at PIR

PIRracerssm.jpg (9965 bytes)
Luigi, Celynn,  Sherrell, Howard and Bonita at PIR

LuigiCelynnIgnacioSherrellHowardBonitaPIRsm.jpg (15689 bytes)

TedBonsm.jpg (32262 bytes)
Teddie and Bonita at PIR

CelynnAfterPIRsm.jpg (30686 bytes)
Celynn after races at PIR

PizzaSkaterssm.jpg (10645 bytes)

Skaters at Bridgeport Brew Pub celebrating the end of the season at PIR, September 2000. Starting at bottom left, clockwise: Teddie Matteson, Bonita Seubert, Luigi Schiavo, Luigi's fiance Debra,  Celynn Krueger, Sherrell Steinhauer, Derek Mead, Howard Unkeles, Adrianne Unkeles, Richard Unkeles

Skate Schedule 

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